Celebrating easter in Ymslanda

Eggpainting seems innocent enough, but in Ymslanda it may cost you your life. Easter does not exist, but they do have "Egga", a festival to celebrate when the ravens are nesting. Ravens are sacred, and obviously it's illegal to steal the eggs, so originally people painted hen eggs in teal to mimick raven eggs. These were shown at the markets, and those who had done the most beautiful job got to take all the eggs home.

Painted eggs in wicker basket

Eggpainting contests became an essential part of the celebration, eventually spawning a myriad of styles. But people are people, so naturally they went completely overboard ...

In 568 there were riots in Mannfalla when the contest was won by a silversmith who had glued pearls on the shell, which many felt was against the rules. After two ax murders, a drowning, four broken ribs and a burnt inn, a separate category was made for eggs with glued ornaments. The winner egg with pearls was stolen but recovered in a pig pen, hence the phrase "pearls before swine". Today - an unknown number of deaths later - one can participate in no less than 33 categories, such as "most authentic egg", "best miniature", "best clothing" (!) And "best sculpture above man-height." There are practically no limits, though when someone brought a quartered hen with the egg still sticking out of the arse, it was generally agreed that the "open category" had gone too far. But as a result of the incident, a new category was established, for "best dish”.  

Have a great Egga celebration everyone!